about the company

Interveneer® is a family business with a strategic focus in business and a management model that aims to maximize the interests of its customers and suppliers, and make the most of its profitability, while complying with the best international practices in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability.

We have a regular important stock guaranteed by the continuous supply of our production lines, equipped with state of the art wood sheet production technology and occupying a 8.000m2 covered area.

Our dimension enables us to ensure continuous supplies to our customers with short delivery times. Our commercial facilities include a covered area in excess of 4.000 m2, where lift trucks for storage of stock and cargo containers or trucks for delivery are able to circulate.

We are also equipped with two rows of pallet lifts to enable our customers to make quick and effective inspection of wood sheets.

Interveneer® is a registered trademark and an experienced player in Veneer markets worldwide. Our expertise extends to the following countries:  Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, South Korea, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, USA, and Australia.