enhanced environment

Wood sheet is a living product, recyclable and ecologically friendly. Its industrial use optimizes the utilization of forests and ensures their continuity. Our commitment to the environment is attested by using raw materials from forest resources managed in a sustainable manner, and by complying with the best international practices with regard to environmental protection and sustainability, thus meeting the needs and requirements of our customers. 

Interveneer® holds the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certificate Code APCER-COC-150148, whose ultimate aim is to ensure  the sustainable use of forests and compliance with the requirements that this certificate implies, namely not to commercialize wood that fits within one of the following categories:  wood illegally explored; wood explored in areas which constitute violation of traditional and civil rights; wood explored in areas in which their high preservation values are threatened by management activities; wood explored in forests about to be converted into arable land or whose soil is to be used for non-forestry purposes; wood from forests where genetically modified trees have been planted. 

Besides the satisfaction to be able to contribute towards sustainable development and quality of life worldwide, certification adds value to the services and products offered by Interveneer®, which is constantly striving to satisfy and deserve the trust of its customers and suppliers.